"That Boy"

written by Rusty Spell

My mind's in a trance when he walks in the room.
He asks me to dance and ride up on his motorcycle: vroom vroom.
I play it so cool, though he knows that I want him, too.
But I'm playing the fool, cause any second now I'm just gonna drool.

My mind's in a daze. Here I am dancing in his arms.
It's not just a phase. He's the one that'll never ever do me harm.
A tap on the back: there's another guy who wants to cut in.
He tells him, "Get lost," then squeezes me tighter and I just grin. You know...

That boy, he's the one for me...

My mind's in a blur when I'm on the back of his bike.
I love him for sure. I've graduated now beyond just like.
I grab his waist and yell, "Faster, baby, faster. Let's go!"
We fly down the road into our future cause I just know that...

Copyright (c) Mar 2006 by The Strawberry Explosion and Love and Letters Music