Gods of Music Review of The Mnemonic Devices' "Make It Funky"

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Mmm… Do you remember growing up and receiving nice home-cooked meals at Grandma’s? Desiring that taste, have you ever ordered like dishes at a restaurant, but realized that it missed a little something that provides a similar feeling that’s received at the Sunday afternoon dinner table. This analogy describes my overall vibe received from this song.

It’s definitely quirky. There is a xylophone/synth intro, which definitely sounded like a Pet Shop Boys-ish idea. There are recent Belle and Sebastian-type harmonies in verse and with only female vocals. However, their entire quirk factor is total Apples in Stereo.

These lyrics have such a cheese factor, I believe, that some must be sarcastic. For example, "we get refills for free at the Applebee’s and what is more romantic than that." Overall, this is a love song with lyrics that detail initial reservation about singing a love song, with a bit of humor tossed in and finally caves in to a sugary tune with many referenced jabs.

I love the above-mentioned groups and the result of this piece is similar, but The Mnemonic Devices are unique enough in how this presented to not be considered copycat performers. My favorite part of "Make It Funky" was the the amusing vocoded chorus. At times, it seems a little flat. Part of the production during some of the verses is a little sparse to keep me interested during the initial listen. To qualify this, I did enjoy this piece with repeated listens, but many people may make judgements based with the initial listens. Finally, some of the vocal recording levels were too high and may have been a little clipped as a result, which hurt their arrangement and recording quality scores.

Determination: Tapioca Pudding with A Little Too Much Cassava Starch.

--Adam Mico

Charisma: 9.00
Technical Skill: 8.50
Structure: 8.00
Interest: 9.00
Lyrics: 8.00
Performance: 8.00
Arrangement: 6.00
Recording Quality: 4.00
Long Term Appeal: 8.00

Copyright (c) Oct 2002 by Love and Letters Music